Individually wrapped - Bush Peppermint

Individually wrapped - Bush Peppermint

Individually wrapped - Bush Peppermint

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Introducing our exceptional product, tailor-made for the hospitality industry – an innovative solution that combines luxury and convenience. Specially crafted to elevate the tea-drinking experience for both guests and staff, our product stands out as the perfect choice for establishments seeking to enhance their Indigenous hospitality offerings.

Boasting individual tea bags, each carefully curated to deliver a distinct and delightful flavor profile, our product caters to the discerning tastes of patrons while streamlining the service process for hospitality professionals. Join us in revolutionizing the way tea is enjoyed in the hospitality sector, as we present a seamless blend of quality, individuality, and efficiency.

Embark on a sensory journey through the ancient landscapes of the Indigenous Bush with our invigorating Bush Peppermint tea. Sourced from the heart of pristine, native Australian flora, this herbal infusion captures the essence of centuries-old traditions.

Discover the refreshing zing of wild-harvested peppermint leaves, meticulously blended to create a tea that pays homage to the land and its people. With every sip, experience the soothing embrace of nature's own remedy, as the minty freshness intertwines with subtle earthy undertones.

Let this Indigenous Bush Peppermint tea transport you to the rugged beauty of the Outback, where culture and wellness converge in a cup of pure, aromatic delight. Embrace the spirit of the bush and relish in the authenticity of this unique, herbal infusion.


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