Yaama, lovely tea enthusiasts!

I'm Megan, the taller one, and I proudly stand as the founder of Binjang Tea, Australia's Signature Indigenous Tea range.

A proud Wiradjuri woman from the mesmerising Binjang valley, Wellington NSW. I am deeply connected to the rich cultural heritage of my people.

In Wiradjuri, Binjang means valley, and it holds a special place in my heart as my father's Ngurrambang, or country.

The beauty of this land, the enchanting valley, inspired the essence of our Binjang bush blends.

Our teas are crafted with the wisdom passed down through yarns with my Elders, incorporating native plants used by my people for thousands of years.

Meet my fabulous business partner, Nadine, a dynamo in a compact package. Our friendship spans over 25 years, and we share a connection that goes beyond business – our families have grown together, holidayed together, and we've even been known to plan secret getaways without our husbands catching on (wink).

Together, Nadine and I are privileged to weave the stories of my amazing Indigenous culture into every conversation about our business.

Binjang Tea isn't just about brewing exquisite blends; it's a platform to initiate meaningful conversations and share the beauty of my culture, one cup at a time.

Stay tuned and follow our socials for exciting announcements as we continue this incredible journey of cultural celebration and tea exploration.

Meg & Nads x